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Jadwal Kegiatan Bimbingan Latihan Soal Ujian CIPM IAPP (Privacy Manager)
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Jadwal Kegiatan Bimbingan , Jawa Barat
Latihan Soal Ujian CIPM IAPP (Privacy Manager)
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Keterangan Question 1
Please use the following to answer the next question:
Natalia, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Nationwide Grill restaurant chain, had never seen her fellow executives so anxious. Last week, a data processing firm used by the company reported that its system may have been hacked, and customer data such as names, addresses, and birthdays may have been compromised. Although the attempt was proven unsuccessful, the scare has prompted several Nationwide Grill executives to question the company's privacy program at today's meeting.
Alice, a Vice President (VP), said that the incident could have opened the door to lawsuits, potentially damaging Nationwide Grill's market position. The Chief Information Officer (CIO), Brendan, tried to assure her that even if there had been an actual breach, the chances of a successful suit against the company were slim. But Alice remained unconvinced.
Spencer – a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and currently a senior advisor – said that he had always warned against the use of contractors for data processing. At the very least, he argued, they should be held contractually liable for telling customers about any security incidents. In his view, Nationwide Grill should not be forced to soil the company name for a problem it did not cause.
One of the Business Development (BD) executives, Haley, then spoke, imploring everyone to see reason. "Breaches can happen, despite organizations' best efforts," she remarked. "Reasonable preparedness is key." She reminded everyone of the incident seven years ago when the large grocery chain Tinkerton's had its financial information compromised after a large order of Nationwide Grill frozen dinners. As a long-time BD executive with a solid understanding of Tinkerton's's corporate culture, built up through many years of cultivating relationships, Haley was able to successfully manage the company's incident response.
Spencer replied that acting with reason means allowing security to be handled by the security functions within the company – not BD staff. In a similar way, he said, Human Resources (HR) needs to do a better job training employees to prevent incidents. He pointed out that Nationwide Grill employees are overwhelmed with posters, emails, and memos from both HR and the ethics department related to the company's privacy program. Both the volume and the duplication of information means that it is often ignored altogether.
Spencer said, "The company needs to dedicate itself to its privacy program and set regular in-person trainings for all staff once a month."
Alice responded that the suggestion, while well-meaning, is not practical. With many locations, local HR departments need to have flexibility with their training schedules. Silently, Natalia agreed.
The senior advisor, Spencer, has a misconception regarding?

A. The amount of responsibility that a data controller retains.
B. The appropriate role of an organization's security department.
C. The degree to which training can lessen the number of security incidents.
D. The role of Human Resources employees in an organization's privacy program.

Answer : C

Question 2
Formosa International operates in 20 different countries including the United States and France.
What organizational approach would make complying with a number of different regulations easier?

A. Data mapping.
B. Fair Information Practices.
C. Rationalizing requirements.
D. Decentralized privacy management.

Answer : B

Question 3
When implementing Privacy by Design (PbD), what would NOT be a key consideration?

A. Collection limitation.
B. Data minimization.
C. Limitations on liability.
D. Purpose specification.

Answer : C

Question 4
For an organization that has just experienced a data breach, what might be the least relevant metric for a company's privacy and governance team?

A. The number of security patches applied to company devices.
B. The number of privacy rights requests that have been exercised.
C. The number of Privacy Impact Assessments that have been completed.
D. The number of employees who have completed data awareness training.

Answer : A

Question 5
In which situation would a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) be the least likely to be required?

A. If a company created a credit-scoring platform five years ago.
B. If a health-care professional or lawyer processed personal data from a patient's file.
C. If a social media company created a new product compiling personal data to generate user profiles.
D. If an after-school club processed children's data to determine which children might have food allergies.

Answer : D

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